Book Review: The Vault of Frankenstein by Paul Ruditis

Let it be known that I am an absolute  Frankenstein nut! I have in my possession 14 different editions of the book that I have accumulated since I was 14, when I read the story for the first time and fell in love with the writing, the era and the life of Mary Shelley.

This latest tribute to the iconic monster we have all come to instantly recognize has been beautifully pieced together by Paul Ruditis and published by Quarto books. And a stunning tribute it is.

This book was a joy to read. Frankenstein has penetrated so many facets of pop-culture over the years and Paul Ruditis expertly brings together everything there is to know on the subject; the monster, the author and the movies. 

As someone who has read extensively regarding all things Frankenstein, I didn’t think there was much left for me to learn, but I certainly found some great little nuggets in this commentary that I can add to my knowledge bank. Even if I hadn’t managed to learn anything new, the visuals alone in this book would make it an impulse purchase if I saw it in a bookshop. Unfortunately, I only had the pleasure of reviewing the e-ARC from NetGalley but I can tell this is a very well thought-out book that will have pride of place on my coffee table when I am fortunate enough to secure the hardcover edition.

If you are new to Frankenstein, either in book or movie form, this is a fabulous introduction to the history of how the story has stood the test of time and how it is as relevant in 2018 as it was when first published in 1818. The story has been the trigger for so many notable turning points in pop-culture. Mary Shelley is one of the original #ladiesofhorrorfiction, inspiring women everywhere to pick up the pen and the original Frankenstein movie, with the iconic monster as we all know him, sparked the golden age of horror cinema, with no other movie (in my opinion) ever coming close to the original Karloff masterpiece. While the book and movie differ on my levels, there is much to be gained from reading The Vault of Frankenstein to get a real appreciation for each medium in their own inspired ways and an amazing insight into the life of Shelley.

I can’t wait to get my grabby hands on a hardcover of this little gem in  physical form!

The Vault of Frankenstein is available to buy now.

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Header Vault Of Frankenstein

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